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Our Vision

Our Vision

e-Volunteerism is written for volunteer leaders around the world who want to be informed and challenged about volunteering trends and issues. It is published by the Susan J. Ellis Foundation. When the journal began in 2000, we were the first and only electronic publication for the field, combining the best characteristics of a printed professional journal with the explosive potential of Internet technology. Today, we strive to:

  • Provide thought-provoking information on all aspects of volunteer involvement;
  • Tap into an international base of knowledge and experience;
  • Maximize interactions among readers and authors.

Get to Know Our Feature Areas

It's important to us to be experimental -- and have some fun -- with new ways of sharing knowledge. Each issue offers several feature articles, and we always try to find material about a new topic or material that presents a topic in a different way. And although this journal is in English, we publish material from authors in over two dozen countries. In addition to our feature articles, you will also find these recurring special sections:

  • POINTS OF VIEW. Commentaries on trending issues by contributing editors Rob Jackson and Erin Spink. 
  • TRAINING DESIGNS In each issue, editor Erin Spink or a guest writer presents an in-depth exploration of one volunteer-related training technique or topic, with group exercises you can use immediately.  There are often PDFs of handouts and even PowerPoint(R) slides ready to go.
  • ALONG THE WEBEditor Arnie Wickens constantly browses the internet for news, studies or just great information about volunteering. Each quarter, he shares the best of what he has uncovered, linking readers to relevant online sites on many topics of interest to volunteerism leaders.
  • VOICESThis section presents the perspectives of colleagues around the world -- today and yesterday.  Section co-editors Allyson Drinnon and Tracey O'Neill use different content formats, often with audio and video interviews. There may be opinion pieces from key leaders. Periodically, Voices may present historical or “forgotten” material written decades ago but still relevant to the field today. 
  • RESEARCH TO PRACTICE.  Editor Laurie Mook, a Canadian academic currently teaching in the U.S., provides articles that interpret scholarly research for practitioners.

Constantly Changing
e-Volunteerism is a quarterly "publication," with a comprehensive Table of Contents, a feature or two, and several sections posted at the start of each quarter (January 15, April 15, July 15, October 15). During the quarter, we continue to post new content until, at the end of three months, the entire issue is available. 

Completely Interactive
EVERY item in the publication is interactive, inviting you to contribute comments and additional materials. At the end of each quarter, that issue is archived; its articles and features continue to be accessible and interactive in the Archives.

Dynamic Staff
e-Volunteerism was created by internationally-known volunteerism consultants Steve McCurley and the late Susan J. Ellis. The editorial team combines great writing skills with a savvy understanding of the field.