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Insights for Episodic Volunteer Management from Volunteers at a Religious Mega Event

Insights for Episodic Volunteer Management from Volunteers at a Religious Mega Event

Episodic volunteering – as one-time or short-term volunteering is often called – is becoming the norm as times change and individuals move away from traditional volunteer roles that require consistent, long-term commitments. Technology has made it easy to find and sign up for events on the spur of the moment. It also makes it easier for organizations to organize such events and perform volunteer management functions such as recruiting, scheduling, and follow-up. Some of these events involve thousands of volunteers, and include marathons, sporting competitions, and festivals. 

One such mega event was the World Meeting of Families and the visit of Pope Francis to Philadelphia in 2015. In this Research to Practice column, reviewer Laurie Mook looks at the results of a study of the experiences of over 2,400 volunteers at this mega event in the City of Brotherly Love. Mook’s examination provides useful insights for episodic volunteer management.

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Thu, 08/23/2018
Very interesting article. I find it fascinating that women are more likely to find out about opportunities through friends and family but only 77% of all the volunteers attended as a group. It would be interesting to incorporate this knowledge into how we recruit volunteers. Our regular volunteers participate in a lot of our episodic event volunteer shifts, but I have not found a lower level of satisfaction. I think it might be because the roles they do as episodic volunteers are usually very different from their regular activities, so it is a more enriching experience. -Max Light-Pacheco Volunteer Coordinator, Events Phoenix Zoo