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About Us

About Us

Engage (formerly e-Volunteerism) is written for volunteer engagement leaders around the world who want to be informed and challenged about volunteering trends and issues. It is published by the Susan J. Ellis Foundation. When the journal began in 2000, we were the first and only electronic publication for the field, combining the best characteristics of a printed professional journal with the explosive potential of Internet technology. Today, we strive to:

  • Provide thought-provoking information on all aspects of volunteer involvement;
  • Tap into an international base of knowledge and experience;
  • Maximize interactions among readers and authors.

Get to Know Our Sections

  • FEATURE ARTICLES. Sourced from practitioners around the globe, these articles seek to encourage new thinking, highlight innovative practice and stimulate debate in the world of effective volunteer engagement.
  • AHEAD OF THE CURVE. Technology expert Sam Fankuchen explores how technology shapes contemporary volunteer engagement and will shape it in the future.
  • ALONG THE WEB. (Retired 10/20) Because leaders in volunteer involvement already have too much to do to waste time, this section was designed to show you what's already been learned by others. Along the Web presents materials and sites found on the Web that focus on various aspects of volunteering.
  • ETHICS. Co-editors Erin Spink and Erin McLean provide a solid foundation for leaders of volunteers to build their knowledge and skills and identify ethical dilemmas and embed ethical decisions within their practice with confidence
  • POINTS OF VIEW. Contributing editors Rob Jackson and Erin Spink present commentaries on trending issues. 
  • RESEARCH TO PRACTICE. Reviewer Laurie Mook, a Canadian academic currently teaching in the U.S., provides articles that interpret scholarly research for practitioners.
  • TRAINING DESIGNS. (Retired 10/20) By pooling the knowledge and experiences of trainers around the world, this section created a unique, user-friendly, expanding training resource to enhance the training activities of those working with volunteers and paid staff. 
  • VOICES. Formerly Keyboard Roundtable and Voices from the Past, this section highlights voices from around the world who bring a different perspective to thought leadership in volunteer engagement through the use of various mediums (i.e., video conversations/interviews, translated articles, Instagram live takeovers). Co-editors are Tracey O'Neill, Australia; Breauna Dorelus, USA; Liza Dyer, USA; Mariana Vieira da Rocha, UK; and Liora Arnon, Israel. 

Constantly Changing
Engage is a quarterly online publication, with a comprehensive Table of Contents, a feature or two, and several sections posted at the start of each quarter (January 15, April 15, July 15, October 15). Throughout each quarter, we continue to post new content until, at the end of three months, the entire issue is available. 

Completely Interactive
EVERY item in the publication is interactive, inviting you to contribute comments and additional materials. At the end of each quarter, that issue is archived; every issue and its corresponding articles and features continue to be accessible and interactive in the Archives.

Dynamic Staff
The journal was created by internationally-known volunteerism consultants Steve McCurley and the late Susan J. Ellis. The editorial team combines great writing skills with a savvy understanding of the field.

Is Engage the same as Points of Light Engage?

No. Engage and Points of Light Engage are two different platforms operated by separate organizations. Engage is a professional, quarterly journal for the leaders of volunteer engagement. Though its interactive, online content and its expanded presence on social media, Engage offers an active, social community where the collective voice of leaders from around the world come together to learn, share experiences and engage in conversation. Points of Light Engage offers access to volunteer opportunities aggregated from their network of partner organizations.