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Applying Process Improvement Models to Volunteer Management

Applying Process Improvement Models to Volunteer Management

Sustaining volunteer engagement is ultimately a balancing act. Volunteer management must utilise resources in the most effective way to address organisational needs while supporting volunteers in meaningful roles that allow them to not only flourish but to also have positive and rewarding volunteering experiences. Success happens when this win-win ratio is achieved.

As leaders of volunteers, we typically try to achieve a great deal with limited resources, tight budgets, and unforgiving timelines coupled with a lack of understanding about our role. So how can we achieve more with less and simultaneously increase the engagement of our volunteers? In this feature article, Christine Stankowski presents an option to do just that by applying what the business world calls a “process improvement framework” to the volunteer management process. This fresh approach, Stankowski believes, will increase volunteer retention, boost satisfaction and engagement, increase productivity, and improve problem solving. 

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Wed, 04/19/2017
A really great article! Personally I think it's well worth senior staff, including Head of Volunteering putting themselves through not just a volunteer shift, walking in their shoes, but also going right through the application, induction and training process. As staff when we're recruited we often find pain points in the process which we sometimes feedback when we've been with our organisations a while, but how do we know what it's like to be recruited as a volunteer unless we've experienced it ourselves. This, coupled with some meaningful conversations with our existing, but also our prospective volunteers can really help transform the experience we deliver and the extent to which volunteers can contribute to our cause.