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Behind the Scenes at Engage: A Conversation with Editor-in-Chief Rob Jackson

What is Engage? How can we best describe its new, exciting content – including two new columns called Ethics and Ahead of the Curve? And what happens now to Can the Volunteer Engagement community continue to access content from this beloved professional journal? And how can leaders of volunteer engagement from across the world contribute to Engage?

The Ellis Archive: An Exceptional Resource for the Field

In this tribute Voices, co-editors Allyson Drinnon and Tracey O'Neill provide the first comprehensive description of the newly created Ellis Archive on the Professional Leadership of Volunteers, an important and exceptional resource for the entire field. Now offered through the Susan J. Ellis Foundation, Drinnon and O'Neill describe how the Ellis Archive evolved; review what this database contains and how it can be easily accessed; and provide suggestions to ensure that volunteer leaders continue to contribute to this valuable resource. Through the Ellis Archive, the legacy of Susan J. Ellis still thrives, and the profession she loved continues to benefit from the history, knowledge, and resources that she curated. 

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Susan J. Ellis and Her Legacy of Training

Susan J. Ellis may be best remembered for her prolific writing and famous "Hot Topics," her personal musings on important issues in the volunteer engagement field. But for many people, their fondest memories and biggest 'aha' moments came from Ellis’ work as a trainer. This Training Designs shares the insights and lessons learned from Ellis as she blazed a trail across the field and trained thousands of leaders of volunteers, past and present.  

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Podcasts and You: Voices From the Field Discuss Podcast Benefits and Managing Expectations

In this Voices, co-editor Tracey O’Neill talks with leaders of volunteers about the value of podcasts, those video/audio presentations that now cover every topic around the world and can be accessed via computers, cell phones, and tablets. Through her interviews with experienced podcast users Meridian Swift, Jennifer Bennett, and Tobi Johnson, O’Neill uncovers the benefits of podcasts for leaders of volunteers, and explains what podcasts offer to the volunteer sector. O’Neill also explores how to manage expectations for this newly ubiquitous communications tool as she hears from voices in the field.


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Powerful Questions: Work Smarter with the Answers You Get through the Questions You Ask

As Leaders of Volunteers, communication is an integral part of our job. It anchors most of the work we do, whether it be within our organization to volunteers and  colleagues, or externally focusing on recruitment and engagement. It can sometimes feel like our work is full of evolving priorities, recurring focus shifts, and an ongoing to-do list. As we navigate our way through with questions – asking them and answering them – are we asking the right ones? Are we looking for more than YES and NO as answers? Are we using questions to drive the evolution and expansion of our work?

In this Training Designs, writer Erin McLean explores how to apply "Powerful Questions" to our work with volunteers – from screening to training, coaching, and feedback. This article provides Leaders of Volunteers with the framework for how to take a revised approach to communication and questions with volunteers, whether the purpose of the conversation is exploratory, positive, or in response to a conflict or challenge. This Training Designs highlights the formation and purpose of powerful questions, and explains how to apply them to working with volunteers. Readers will no doubt walk away with knowledge to guide the future questions they ask, and the impact of the answers they receive.  

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