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Stories of Success: Making Volunteer Leadership More Than Just a Job

Stories of Success: Making Volunteer Leadership More Than Just a Job

Compass pointed to Success

In Volunteer Engagement circles, we all too often hear tales of woe about minimal support or a lack of understanding of what we do. This sometimes leads us to view the world from a ‘glass half empty’ perspective, where we play the victim and not the victor!

In this article, Engage editor Andy Fryar seeks to turn this thinking on its head by sharing stories of success  from three devoted and engaged volunteering leaders who have taken their initial experiences in the field and forged powerful careers. 

Join Fryar as he speaks with Jerome Tennille (USA), Rhiannon Wheeler (USA) and Charlotte Witteridge (UK) and shares their powerful and inspiring stories.

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Fri, 10/15/2021

Can't wait! :)

Thu, 11/11/2021

Thank you heaps Andy, and Charlotte, Jerome and Rhiannon. A great topic to advance volunteer leadership, to encourage the value of the role. It will be next month's Hot Topic for the small group I mentor!

Fri, 11/12/2021

It's a pleasure Sue. That's so great that you will be taking it to the group you mentor - I hope there's some useful information in there and that it adds value to your discussions. Thanks for taking the time to read our article. Best wishes, Charlotte 

Mon, 11/22/2021

Thank you to everyone for sharing your stories of the rewards of choosing to be "engaged" in the field of volunteer administration.  After over 30 years of working in volunteer administration for both small and large not-for-profit healthcare organizations, I feel very lucky to have found a rewarding career.

We connect people to purpose, mentor youth in career exploration, provide meaningful projects for retirees.  It is all so positive!


Tue, 11/30/2021

Really enjoyed these four perspectives. I'm almost 14 years into my career and sometimes I feel like I'm the only one super jazzed about this or that and so it's good to look around, read these words, hear your voices in my head and see this great profession for the people who love this work. Thank you all!