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Judy Esmond

Judy Esmond, Ph.D., is an Australian-based researcher and trainer in volunteer management. She has toured Australia, England, the United States and Canada. Judy is the author of Count Me In! 501 Ideas on Recruiting Volunteers, 101 Ways to Less Stress and her latest release Count on Me! 501 Ideas on Retaining, Recognising and Rewarding Volunteers.

Judy is also an adjunct research fellow at the Centre for International Health at Curtin University and holds a Diploma in Welfare Psychology, a Bachelor and Masters degree in Social Work from Curtin University and PhD from the University of Western Australia. She is the author of many major research reports including BOOMNET: Capturing the Baby Boomer Volunteer, From Boomnet to Boomnot, Booming Recruiting and The Volunteer Motivation Inventory.

Judy comes from a background of volunteering in sports and was an Australian and state representative in two sporting fields.
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