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Volunteer Resource Organizations

Volunteer Resource Organizations

The growth of volunteering around the world has also led to the growth of organizations whose purpose is to support volunteering. What follows is a list of such organizations. It is vaguely organized by geographic territory - sometimes by country or sub-territory, sometimes by continent. We have omitted descriptions because they would be so repetitive; in most cases the names of the organization will give you at least some idea of their primary focus.

Many of these sites are, naturally enough, not in English. You might find it interesting to try some of the translation sites available via the Web. You can find a guide to sites which translate from and into various languages at

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Thu, 10/18/2001
This is the curse of classification. We put groups into the geographically categories so they could be easily located, not because of any judgment about what they are. This is why you'll find the illogical division of the US, Canada and the UK by country, not continent - they each had a lot of home-grown organizations that we wanted people in each country to be able to locate easily. AVA started in the US, has its headquarters here, and has the vast majority of its membership in the US, as well as most of its conferences - so it ended up in the US category. While AVA's membership is currently mostly from the US and Canada, they are attempting mightily to expand that - and running into a lot of the same problems as e-Volunteerism when it comes to language and product. Theoretically, about half the organizations listed could logically argue that they have some portion of their membership from international sources. To get into the "international" category, however, we tried to ensure that the organization had both membership and services (such as the location of conferences and meetings) in more than one (or in AVA's case, two) countries - and preferably had global activity as a matter of course. Check back in five years and I suspect that AVA will have gracefully made that transition, as witnessed by the conferences in Asia that are beginning to occur.