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What Are Your Volunteers Saying?

What Are Your Volunteers Saying?

On a recent visit back to the United States, I heard very different opinions about volunteerism from two good friends. The first said that she will never volunteer again...she tells why. The second friend said she couldn't get enough of volunteering...and she tells why.

These two testimonies regarding volunteerism make me wonder if the organizations these two assisted are aware of their feelings. And so I ask volunteer managers reading this to consider: What would people who have volunteered with your organization say about their experience?

Do you know? Do you care?

If anything, these two episodes have made me realize yet again the value of surveying volunteers about their experience, and how easily this can be done using e-mail.

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Mon, 01/20/2003
I’m an RSVP Director and I have several hundred volunteers who are available for special events (one shot volunteer opportunities). I personally volunteer at every new event and then a sampling of repeat events throughout the year. Then I make a point of asking my volunteers what their experience was whiling offering my opinion of how I got treated. I get incredibly candid comments - being in the trenches is a huge advantage. When I make complaints or suggest changes to event chairmen I get their full attention. I’ve also stopped recruiting volunteers for several poorly run events.

Thu, 01/16/2003
Online question after volunteer goes home......Did you experience anything today in your volunteer assignment for which we did not adequately prepare you? This is a powerful question used by a Make-A-Wish Foundation program to improve their orientation and training. It also gives volunteers an opportunity to receive a timely response to issues and concerns they might have after completing their field assignment.