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Getting the Attention You Want from the Media

Getting the Attention You Want from the Media

Through several years of working in public relations (PR) and journalism, I've heard many publicity officers of social and sporting clubs and PR officers of non-profit organisations complain they are not getting 'enough exposure': 'I sent a release to The Times last week, and they didn't publish it' or 'I e-mailed a three-page letter on the annual general meeting two days ago, and the radio station didn't put a word of it to air'.

Having studied both public relations and journalism, I know that newspapers and the radio/television media, especially outside of capital cities, are always on the lookout for good local items of interest. I also know that there are rules that the media themselves must follow, in order to meet their own time lines.

If we learn to submit a press release using the right procedure, and if we do it right, it will go to air or be put into print. That is the basis of this article.

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Tue, 02/10/2004

In Ian Foster's section on press releases, he refers to the old adage: "Dog bites man - no news; man bites dog - that's news." Here's an interesting variation of that idea in USA Today on January 14!


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