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Adding MAGIC to Your Meetings

Adding MAGIC to Your Meetings

Meetings, no matter what format is used, take considerable time. I hear many stories about the difficulty organizations are experiencing as they recruit volunteers for the board, a committee or a special project team because of the number of meetings required or because these individuals have ‘heard about the meetings’ from others! Imagine the difference if current volunteers were promoting involvement by saying: “You really want to be part of our group…we have the best meetings I have ever attended!”

So, we want to ensure we aren’t wasting volunteers’ time, nor discouraging others with unproductive, boring, never-ending meetings. This training design might be used as part of an orientation for individuals taking on the role of chairing a committee or as a tool to assist a group that has identified that their meetings need to be more focussed….

Barb Gemmell provides group exercises and worksheets on the five key meeting elements – Minutes, Agendas, Groundrules, Involvement and Consensus – so that you can add MAGIC to your meetings, too.

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