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Watching the Horizon from the Four Corners of the World

Watching the Horizon from the Four Corners of the World

During the last year, e-Volunteerism presented a number of retrospectives, looking at what happened in volunteering over the last decade. Now it’s time to look forward. 

Though Susan Ellis and Steve McCurley use their quarterly Points of View as an outlet for their opinions, the journal’s feature section editors generally keep their personal thoughts out of the pieces they edit. We decided that this special, re-designed issue was a great opportunity to share the voices and varied perspectives of our far-flung editors – professionals who are all deeply immersed in the field of volunteerism as authors, trainers, consultants and volunteer-involving agency executives, representing the United States (both coasts), England and Australia.

In this Voices, we ask each of our editors to respond to the following question: 

What volunteering trends and issues are you keeping your eye on that have the greatest implications or potential for the volunteering field in the next few years?

The responses are presented in recorded audio clips, so you can hear their “voices” for  yourself.

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