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Using Skills Analysis Techniques for Successful Volunteer Learning

Using Skills Analysis Techniques for Successful Volunteer Learning

Assessing learning needs, performing a skills audit and carrying out a knowledge inventory are important activities when providing effective training within organisations. How thoroughly should we extend such techniques to volunteers? How might we link an individual volunteer skills analysis with the overall aims and needs of the organisation?

In this Training Designs article, Sue Jones explores the benefits of needs analysis for volunteers. She examines the pros and cons of a range of assessment methods, and provides practical tips to adapt and apply to volunteer management. 

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Wed, 06/19/2013
It seems as if most of this article is aimed at providing meaningful learning experiences for volunteers and ensuring they attend. At the very basic level, we assume responsibility for motivation of the learner: responsibility to ensure attendance, responsibility to help them grasp ideas, and responsibility to assist with transferring learned ideas into practice. I also propose that some of that responsibility needs to be shifted to the learner. A volunteer must come to us with some intrinsic motivation to do a job well and learn additional skills to continue in that role or improve the organization. We can capitalize on the "teaching moment" by recognizing and rewarding this internal motivation. Thanks for sharing a great article.