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Jump on the Intern Bandwagon

Jump on the Intern Bandwagon

In this issue’s Training Design, Linda Miller, the president and founder of Intern Programs, Inc., offers a two-hour workshop on the timely topic of interns. In this interactive process, Miller walks participants through a series of questions to determine whether or not having an intern program is the right strategic decision for their organizations. Participants draw their own conclusions based on group discussions, peer support and material introduced by the facilitator.

As Miller demonstrates, the objective of this training exercise is for participants to develop their own customized “business case” for implementing or improving an intern program. Participants will also leave the session knowing how to facilitate a needs assessment for any process or proposed initiative that requires scrutiny within their organizations—an excellent skill to add to your toolbox!


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Tue, 09/03/2013
I really appreciate this training guide. It is timely. With all of the media discussion and legal cases involving unpaid internships, there is another layer of importance added to making sure that internship progams are well thought out and are providing meaningful learning opportunities, as well as engaging volunteer activities. I may try to hold a training session for my department managers next spring to help them think through whether or not they want interns, and, if so, what effort they need to put into preparing for them. Thank you!