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Do You Spell “Volunteer” with a Capital V?

Do You Spell “Volunteer” with a Capital V?

Is an attitude shift in order as we consider the value and individuality of Volunteers?

While intentionally spelling Volunteer with a capital “V,” Marlene Beitz poses this question and raises many others in Voices, asking readers to think about the conscious and subconscious ways we regard the Volunteers who are often called the “heart and soul” of our organizations.

From her personal viewpoint as a Volunteer as well as a Coordinator of Volunteers, Beitz opens a window into Volunteer experiences and ponders the sometimes surprising (and disappointing) effects of common Volunteer management approaches. But in a positive shift, Beitz explains that organizatons can more fully meet objectives if they break down ingrained expectations of Volunteers as a group, and build up a renewed sense of engagement and partnership with Volunteers as valued individuals.

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