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Resources for Managing Volunteers in Museums

Resources for Managing Volunteers in Museums

There has been considerable development since the April 2004 Along the Web article on “Volunteers in Arts and Culture." In this 2015 issue, Along the Web returns to the topic and explores a range of recently created resources that have been developed either by or on behalf of museum volunteer programs.

This article focuses specifically on museums around the world, rather than looking at the broader cultural sector in general, because there are such interesting and current materials easily available online from museums. The Web sites of the worlds’ major museums are well worth browsing in their own right. As a start, take a look at the British Museum’s site, including its volunteer page.  

Even if you don’t work in a museum or heritage setting, author Arnie Wickens notes that there is still plenty for you to enjoy and learn from in this Along the Web. Many of the research studies, training designs, or technical and practitioner resources that Wickens features can be applied widely to any setting engaging volunteers. 

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