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The Ellis Archive: An Exceptional Resource for the Field

The Ellis Archive: An Exceptional Resource for the Field

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In this tribute Voices, co-editors Allyson Drinnon and Tracey O'Neill provide the first comprehensive description of the newly created Ellis Archive on the Professional Leadership of Volunteers, an important and exceptional resource for the entire field. Now offered through the Susan J. Ellis Foundation, Drinnon and O'Neill describe how the Ellis Archive evolved; review what this database contains and how it can be easily accessed; and provide suggestions to ensure that volunteer leaders continue to contribute to this valuable resource. Through the Ellis Archive, the legacy of Susan J. Ellis still thrives, and the profession she loved continues to benefit from the history, knowledge, and resources that she curated. 

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Wed, 09/16/2020

Thanks for sharing 'this' important piece of history and thank you to Katie for all your hard work. I loved my visits to the Energize offices back in the early 2000's and just the other day came across an old hand scribbled note that Susan shared with me about how VM had evolved in Nth America - she always spoke with such conviction about the field and having her records stored in this way is one of her ultimate legacies

Sun, 09/06/2020

You both are doing a fabulous job and a great service to our profession, so thank you Allyson and Tracey. Love the odd things Susan kept; besides being quirky and fun, they are a great reminder of how far we've come. Hope you share more!