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The Funny Side of Volunteering

The Funny Side of Volunteering

Cara Thenot

Volunteering is generally presented very seriously – largely because many of the causes volunteers support are very serious. But not all. And even grim situations can evoke laughter, since a sense of humor is a great coping mechanism.

Humor is also a great communication tool, especially when it tells the truth about a situation. In this Voices feature, we present examples of effective humor used in recruiting, training, and recognizing volunteers. These include YouTube postings, blog and newsletter entries, and cartoons. When can you provoke a smile and also generate action?

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Tue, 10/04/2016
I love this post! I'm going to bookmark it for those days when I need a laugh and/or some inspiration. Also, thanks for including Volunteer Management Snark! Total honor to be listed here.

Mon, 10/17/2016
Brilliant article! Thanks Cara. One of my favourite funny videos is from an old Project Scotland recruitment campaign aimed at young people -