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Standing on the Outside Looking In: What I Learnt about Volunteer Management by Being a Volunteer

Standing on the Outside Looking In: What I Learnt about Volunteer Management by Being a Volunteer

Managing volunteer programs can be a whirlwind of risk management, policies, and procedures, with mounds of credentialing and more red tape than we’d like to admit. Jumping through hoops can become a necessary skill for volunteers to meet all of the criteria required to donate their time, particularly in large organisations or regulated sectors.  

In this article, author Tracey O’Neill reflects on her own experiences as a volunteer in three organisations where she also managed volunteer services and programs. She explores what these experiences taught her when it comes to ensuring that “my volunteer programs remain relevant and appealing to our community and supporters.” O’Neill’s ideas will challenge you to reflect on ways you can make volunteering more accessible and appealing in your organisation, while working to retain the best volunteers in today’s volunteering climate.

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Wed, 11/28/2018
Offering our Midnight Angel Program allows our volunteers to pick and chose their time to sit with our patients as they transition. This program is so successful because it is so flexible. Time management is utilized whether at home, work or volunteering. As a Director of Volunteer Services I help our Volunteer Managers realize that flexibility is "key" to all our programs and projects.

Mon, 05/06/2019

Hi Lin. Thank you for your comment. And congratulations on creating flexibility for your volunteers. I think flexibility is something that Leaders of Volunteers, senior leaders in organisations and volunteers who have been around a long time struggle to get their head around. And yet it is so critical for effective and sustainable volunteer engagement today. I think if we are able to create flexibility in how and when volunteers can engage, we will go a long way to increasing volunteer retention, and the impact volunteers can have