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It's Time to Develop The National Museum and Center for Services

It's Time to Develop The National Museum and Center for Services

View of Washington Mall with monument in background

Imagine that you are on a trip visiting your nation’s capital, and about to step into one of the highlights listed on your “places to visit.” Would that list include an interactive museum space that’s dedicated to volunteering and service? In this Voices, former U.S. Congressman Brian Baird reports on how he is bringing his vision of a National Museum and Center for Service (NMCFS) to reality - an idea that would have thrilled Engage Co-Founder Susan J. Ellis, an early and steadfast advocate of a museum focused on volunteering. “The NMCFS will also be an empowering place,” Baird argues. “With a goal of inspiring visitors to engage in service themselves, the NMCFS will provide multiple opportunities for people to connect with service projects and organizations, thereby enhancing participation, rejuvenating membership, and expanding contributions to organizations across the full spectrum of service.”

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Fri, 08/13/2021

I want to learn more.

Who determines what is service? 
How will the center honour mutual aid, community development, the historical and present importance of protest? 
How will this center honour Indigenous American values of community and taking care of one another? 
How will this center highlight different cultural/religious perspectives of service and giving?
How will this center honor and value the professionals who lead volunteers in their communities?

How will the center use it's profile to advocate for volunteers, vounteerism and leaders of volunteers?

Looking forward to learning more.