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Anna Allevato

Anna is Senior Associate at A. Allevato And Associates which she began in 1998 following a successful 23-year professional career in the nonprofit sector, working in both front line and senior management positions. She has more than a 15-year history in program and agency management, with ten years in volunteer program management; in development and delivery of highly successful employee assistance programs, including critical incident and trauma response, in the workplace; in human resources management including union-management relations, development and delivery of various training programs; and in conflict resolution consultation in both the private and nonprofit sectors.

Current work areas involve outcomes-based evaluation, and policy development and training in staff/client boundaries. Specialties include facilitation and communications, process observation and intervention, conflict management and resolution, leadership development with teams and boards, leadership coaching, training and development, evaluation, and design and implementation of stakeholder input methods.

Anna is also an Associate at LINDA GRAFF AND ASSOCIATES INC. ( and has been for over ten years. She has worked with Linda on a wide range of projects including an ongoing outcome evaluation program development project for a national charity, large-scale research-based contracts with other national organizations to determine the value of direct service and governance volunteers, facilitation and management of organizational change, consultation on board governance and board development, consultation on best practices in volunteer program management, and facilitation of mergers.

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