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Margaret Andrews

Margaret Andrews joined Volunteering WA  (  in late 2007, initially as Visiting Volunteers Program Manager, and has been Business Services Manager since early 2009.

Andrews has a teaching background (in secondary education) with a major in the area of business, predominantly accounting.  She has taught in the private and public education sectors in Western Australia as well as in Japan.  More recently, her experience has extended to include a business liaison role in the private business sector, and project management and community development with a not-for-profit organisation.

Margaret’s expertise includes:

  • Liaison with and facilitation of community network-building to achieve objectives for diverse key stakeholders: educational institutions, state government ministers and their departments, the corporate sector and a diversity of community groups.
  • Implementation and Management of self-sustaining projects to communities throughout the State.
  • Community-Building, Liaison and Promotion.

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