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Yael Caplin

Yael Caplin is a Volunteer Resource Manager at the Leir Institute for Volunteer Management at Yad Sarah in Jerusalem, Israel. She began her work in this field in 1999 as part of the pioneering team that set up the National Volunteer Centre in Singapore (known today as the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre). There she developed and managed the online volunteer matching service, as was involved in a number of projects to promote volunteerism in Singapore. After relocating to Cyprus, she joined UNDP/UNOPS as an in-house consultant to the civil society programme. She provided strategic guidance for two Management Support Centres for NPOs in the Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot communities and developed the capacity building aspects of the Civil Society Programme. Upon her return to Israel she moved on to work for the Leir Institute, where she is currently employed.

Yad Sarah is one of the largest voluntary organisations in Israel, aiding sick, disabled, elderly, isolated and housebound people with an array of services aimed at making home care possible. Yad Sarah shares its vast knowledge and experience managing volunteers, through the Leir Institute for Volunteer Management. The institute utilizes its unique setup to develop volunteer management tools and solutions that cater to the needs of departments and services within Yad Sarah, and to apply them to the needs of other organisations within the volunteer sector.  In order to learn from the international arena of volunteer management and supplement the know-how that accumulated in Yad Sarah, Caplin set up the Resource Centre of the Institute. She lead a team of volunteers who collected, translated and produced new materials for the resource centre which were used to stimulate on-going dialogues within Yad Sarah. She also provided training and consultancy within Yad Sarah, as well as in the Israeli volunteer sector. In addition, Yael is the Institute's interface with the international volunteer management community.

Caplin now resides with her family in New Delhi, India. She continues to work for the Leir Institute in Yad Sarah, managing from afar a team of volunteers in Jerusalem. She also works with local NGOs, facilitating and consulting with them to develop their volunteer management capacities.