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Gabriella Civico

Gabriella Civico is originally from the UK but  lived for many years in Spain and Portugal before moving to Belgium. She has a degree in Social Policy and Education from Surrey University (UK) and a Master’s Degree in Education in E-learning from the University of Hull (UK). Her professional background is in business and the Youth NGO Sector, where she has worked as an administrator and also as a trainer and expert.

Through her work in the youth field, Civico was involved in the campaign to establish 2011 as the European Year of Volunteering. Civico  has volunteered since childhood in a variety of fields  - including Youth Advocacy, International Development, Disability, Environment, Immigration, Human Rights, Sports, etc.

Civico has worked closely with the European Volunteer Centre (CEV) since July 2010, first in her role as Project Manager for the EYV2011 Alliance. When the projected ended in March 2012, when she became CEV Director.  Her role as Director of CEV involves managing the network of over 60 member organisations and facilitating their sharing and learning together on volunteering and solidarity issues. She also takes a leading role in advocating for better volunteering policies in Europe and contributing with her expertise in the topic at the European level in various European Union expert groups and Advisory Groups such as: EQF, Europass, Mobility of Young Volunteers, as well as in the European Solidarity Corps Resource Centre Advisory Group.