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Bridget Cluley

Bridget worked for 16 years at the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC).

Bridget says “I was lucky to have as the Director of Fundraising, someone called Giles Pegram. who for many years has been a leader in the field of fundraising. I started as an Area Appeals manager - working with groups and individuals who raised money for the NSPCC throughout three counties in middle England . I learned then about the fantastic resource we have in UK of people who give time and skills to benefit others - and I got hooked.”

Bridget gradually progressed through the NSPCC and took on a role as Deputy National Appeals manager where her main task was to develop strategies for NSPCC’s volunteers - how they looked after them and optimised their input. She then rose to being National Appeal Manager, responsible for all fundraising in the community - a department of some 200 fundraisers and administrative staff and many thousands of committed volunteers. Eventually, Bridget ended up as Head of Volunteer Development - a new role for the organisation.

Bridget left NSPCC some seven years ago needing to find a slightly less hectic life! Whilst with the NSPCC Giles encouraged her to go out to other organisations who wanted help with volunteer development, and when she left she found that organisations and individuals came to ask for help, so Bridget became a freelance consultant.

Not long after Bridget left the NSPCC they invited her back as a main board trustee - the first member of staff ever to have made this move - and Bridget describes it as “one of the best things that have happened in my life. I get to stay with my friends in the NSPCC and have the opportunity to input into a cause which I greatly believe in. My Trustee role has two parts. One is Main Board - strategic discussions and decisions and financial overview. I am also a Divisional Trustee which means I have a responsibility for a geographical area from Lincolnshire down to the Scilly Isles - The Midlands and West. I connect with our fundraising staff and volunteers throughout this area - help with networks where I can - and also am in touch with the staff who work in the NSPCC's children's projects.”

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