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DJ Cronin

DJ Cronin is a manager of Volunteer Services at Greenslopes Private Hospital in Brisbane Australia. Cronin had been managing volunteers in various settings over the last 19 years. A past president of the Australasian Association of Managers of Volunteers, he is passionate about volunteerism and effective Volunteer Management. Cronin's management of volunteer programs have been recognised by his peers in the health industry and he has won a state innovation award as well as a runner up spot in a national innovation award for private hospital programs in Australia. Cronin has a proven track record in effective volunteer management and has blogged on volunteer management issues for many years, often challenging the “sacred cows” of the sector. His blog - - is read around the globe, with over 272,000 page views since it was first published. Cronin is a guest faculty member for the Australasian Retreat for Advanced Volunteer Management. In 2015, DJ entered the world of consultancy and hopes to share his learning and expertise with others around the globe. Cronin is also an award-winning amateur actor and director, and volunteers his time for theatre as well as volunteering as a Junior Soccer Manager. You can follow Cronin on twitter @thedjcronin.