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Patrick Daniels

In the UK, Daniels has worked in a number of volunteer management roles, in particular with the Octopus Community Network, a partnership of nine community organisations in Islington, London. He currently works for YouthNet, an online information and advice charity that runs Web sites such as, Lifetracks and Do-it. Daniels serves as YouthNet's Advice and Volunteering Manager responsible for the online advice and support service. Prior to this role Daniels established an online volunteering project, recruiting peer advisors to respond to questions from 16 to 25-year-olds submitted via askTheSite.

Daniels has been on the board of the Association of Volunteer Managers (AVM) since it was founded in 2007, helping to develop AVM's Web strategy. For the last six years, Daniels has been co-chair of the Guatemala Solidarity Network which recruits volunteer international accompaniers, and he sits on the editorial committee of Central America Report. He is also a trustee of the ATD Fourth World Trust.