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Elena De Palma

Elena De Palma currently serves as a trainer and consultant for the Third Sector organizations; a consultant for development of human resources management system for voluntary organizations; an adviser to the President of ANPAS (national association of voluntary organizations); and an organizer for the international conference on Third Sector issues. She is a laurea cum laude graduate in Psychology of the University "La Sapienza" of Rome, Italy. She has received numerous awards including: Junior Fellow in International Philanthropy Fellowship Program at Johns Hopkins University (1995); participant to "Training of Trainers for Leaders of the Third Sector" - Johns Hopkins University Training Program (1996); and participant in "Salzburg Seminar - Schloss Leopoldskronstrasse" (1998). Previously, she served as a researcher and trainer for several Italian institutes for social research; an organizer of the Ninth Annual Johns Hopkins University International Fellows in Philanthropy Conference; a project manager and trainer for the "Resources-Family" (interregional project on family volunteering); a manager of training sector for CESV (a volunteer center for development of voluntary organizations); and a trainer for social enterprise.

She is the author of several articles on volunteerism, including Individual and Family: Resources for Volunteerism. A Better Collaboration Between Citizens and Public or Nonprofit Organizations (1998), (a book sponsored by Local Government of Bitonto (Ba)), and Management of Volunteers in Public and Non Profit Organizations (a forthcoming book).

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