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Elisha Evans

Elisha Evans is Project Co-ordinator and Research Analyst for nfpSynergy, a think-tank for not-for-profit organisations in England . She has been responsible for the research, design and analysis of a variety of projects including the London Housing Foundation's 'Future of Homelessness' project and Crisis 'Learning and Cross-fertilisation programme'. She has recently researched and co-authored several reports including "Five key trends and their impact on the voluntary sector", "The Future of Homelessness" and "Innovation: A roadmap for homeless agencies".

Instrumental in developing the not-for-profit content of, Elisha has spent much time researching and analysing all sources of UK trend information as well as voluntary sector specific data.

She is currently in between degrees (Psychology and social science) at University of Queensland , where her specialist subjects are Social Psychology, Clinical Psychology and Research Methods.