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Lee George

Lee George is the Volunteer Manager for the Brain Injury Association of Minnesota and Minnesota Stroke Association. He helps create opportunities for individuals in Minnesota to positively impact their communities. Lee became the Volunteer Manager for the Associations in 2007 and this position has enabled him to combine his ardor for volunteering and a diverse set of life experiences to help build solid communities through group organization and volunteerism.  Today Lee also collaborates with organizations like the Minnesota Association for Volunteer Administration (MAVA) and MAFEL which help to create strong volunteer infrastructure in Minnesota. He is a member of the MAVA Board of Directors, served on the MAVA Task Force for Engaging Boomers as Volunteers and is a trainer for the full day MAVA workshop on how to put these 12 Best Practices into action. He is interested in the changing dynamic in volunteerism with Boomers and future generations because of the possibility to help maximize people’s potential to affect their community if the medium in which they volunteer adapts to them.