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Arlene Grubbs

Arlene Grubbs first entered the field of volunteer management over twenty-five years ago managing volunteer programs for the Visiting Nurse Association of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. She is a founding member and past president of both Volunteer Administrators of Southwestern Pennsylvania (VASP) and the Pennsylvania Association for Volunteerism (PAV) and has served in many different positions in each organization. She has co-authored a book on volunteer recognition entitled The Volunteer Recognition Skit Kit (available in the Energize Online Bookstore at Her most recent article on volunteer management appeared in the spring 1998 issue of The Journal of Volunteer Administration and is entitled "Managing the Impact of Organizational Change on Volunteers."

For the last 15 years Arlene has worked as an organizational consultant. Working mainly in the nonprofit community, she has conducted board retreats and training for groups ranging from local churches to national organizations. As adjunct faculty at the Community College of Allegheny County Institute on Volunteerism, she has taught credit courses in organizational theory and the management of volunteer programs and has offered a variety of training programs pertaining to volunteer management issues.