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Juston Ho

Justin started as the Volunteer Opportunities Exchange (VOE) Web site Program Manager for Volunteer Canada (in Ottawa, Ontario). The VOE (at is Volunteer Canada's national volunteer recruitment and referral Web site. Both organizations and volunteers create VOE accounts and can then find one another by posting volunteer opportunities or posting volunteer resumes. The VOE makes volunteer recruitment and referral a truly two-sided activity, where organizations and individuals can be both proactive and reactive.

Recently, Justin has also taken on responsibilities for all of Volunteer Canada's Web site:

He is also the managing editor of the "VolunteerBeat," Volunteer Canada's monthly newsletter to its growing membership of 500. The Beat is somewhere in the middle between an agency newsletter, an issues-watch type piece, and a journal.

Justin has spent much of his career in the non-profit sector, and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the VOE. Before joining Volunteer Canada, Justin was manager of both the Volunteer and Information Centres in Richmond, BC, as well as coordinator for the local Christmas bureau. Justin has a B.Comm, specializing in Marketing, from the University of British Columbia.

eCommunications Manager, Volunteer Canada / Bénévoles Canada, Ottawa, ON, Canada
Websites: http://,

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