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Anthea Hoare

Anthea Hoare has worked in the field of Volunteer Resource Management in Canada since 1983 in a variety of settings including sport, long term, hospital and paediatric care. She formerly served as President of the Ontario Association for Volunteer Administration (OAVA)--which has since merged with the Ontario Association of Directors of Volunteers in Healthcare (ODVH) to form the Professional Administrators of Volunteer Resources - Ontario (PAVR-O). Currently, she serves as the Chair of Certification for PAVR-O. Anthea has been one of the designers of the new PAVR-O Certification Process. She is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Volunteer Administration (AVA).


Anthea is currently the Coordinator of Community and Volunteer Resources for Allendale, a long-term-care facility in Milton, Ontario, Canada. She is also a trainer and consultant in the field of volunteer management, and gives workshops and seminars on a wide variety of related subjects. She is passionate about the future of the profession and its need to become stronger and more accountable in today's world. She has written two books-So You Have been Asked to Do a Newsletter and Volunteers & You: A Handbook for Staff and Volunteers Working Together--and is a fairly frequent correspondent to the CyberVPM listserv. Her other interests are horses and riding, acting and the theatre, sailing, reading and people.

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