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Jill Jukes

Jill Jukes likes to use the word ‘whither.’  She believes that it is such a great way to ask where and why at the same time (because the why is implied).

Jukes started her career path in community newspapers, but quickly realized that wasn’t the kind of nonprofit she was looking for so switched to the charitable sector.  She worked in communications and fund development—specifically special events and campaigns—before figuring out that the most amazing thing about most organizations is their volunteers. Even though Jukes prefers dogs to people (cats come third), she discovered that when you work with volunteers you’re working with the best the human race has to offer. 

Jukes completed a certificate in Volunteer Management at Volunteer Vancouver, and then developed and implemented volunteer programs at the West End Community Centre Association, CNIB, and now for March of Dimes Canada’s Western Region. She received her Certification in Volunteer Administration in 2013. She has volunteered for many wonderful organizations and causes, and currently contributes at her kids’ schools, Meals on Wheels (operated by Health and Home Care Society of BC) and Thank Dog I am Out (a dog rescue society).

Jukes lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada with her husband, three boys, two dogs, and one cat. 

Jukes can be reached on Twitter and LinkedIn.