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Rob Kendrick

Rob Kendrick has been a Voluntary Services Manager (VSM) in the National Health Service (Mental Health) for over 20 years. He originally starting in the institutional setting of a Psychiatric Hospital and then moved to more community-based services in the late 1990s.  In addition to work commitments, Kendrick has been a member of the National Committee of the National Association of Voluntary Help Organisers, the predecessor of the National Association of Voluntary Services Managers (NAVSM).  His involvement with NAVSM has included membership of various working parties, contribution to conferences and training events.  In addition to voluntary services management, he has also undertaken the Public Relations role for an NHS Trust.

Kendrick has personal experience on the other side of the fence, so to speak,  having been over the years a member, office holder and volunteer with a number of organisations associated with the arts, environment, heritage, history and politics. He has also served as an elected representative in local government on several occasions in the past.

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