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Ginny Kirkwood

Ginny Kirkwood has a wealth of experience volunteering outside of her native USA. Three generations of Ginny's family have served as Peace Corps volunteers with Ginny serving in child care roles in Turkey and as country director for Thailand for three years in the early 1990's. Ginny has also been active in the Special Olympics movement, founding Pakistan and Thailand's Special Olympics boards, serving as chair of the Pennsylvania Special Olympics board and working as a consultant to the International Special Olympics in China, The Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Nepal and Pakistan. Closer to home Ginny has been a director of the Wordsworth Academy - five residential homes and four schools for emotionally disturbed children. Ginny has recently been appointed to the board of directors of World Education, an NGO dealing with health and literacy in the developing world, and the trustee board of Kenan Institute Asia, a Bangkok based board which overseas USAID projects in Thailand.

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