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Kang-Hyun Lee

Kang-Hyun Lee of Seoul, Korea serves as a full-time volunteer Executive Director at Volunteer 21, founded in 1996 as the comprehensive volunteer research, training and consulting organization in Korea. Kang-Hyun also is the Chairperson of the Executive Committee of the IYV2001 Korea Commission.

In charge of operation in both organizations, Kang-Hyun also serves as a member of various advisory boards for governments, and played an instrumental role in the passage of legislation for comprehensive volunteer promotion. Kang-Hyun is the key instructor of the volunteer manager academy, which provides a professional training course for the certificate to volunteer manager. Kang-Hyun also has been involved in teaching volunteer management courses in several universities in Seoul, and holds an adjunct professorship at two prominent universities.

Kang-Hyun is a member of AVA, and a board member and a coordinator of Asia- Pacific region of IAVE.

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