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Bryan R. Leipper

Bryan R. Leipper, principal in the Leipper Management Group, an association management company, has been a consultant in small computer systems, information management, and education since 1978. He is an author of major software applications and systems developed in Fortran, C, Pascal, dBase, Paradox, and Java. Bryan has a focus on the development and utilization of technology and information resources in small businesses and associations. Clients include professional societies and associations, and nonprofit organizations. Special emphasis has been on assisting nonprofit and volunteer organizations in the understanding of the impact of technological resources and the development of products specifically oriented to volunteer management.

The Leipper Management Group is an association management company with a focus in providing budget-conscious headquarters services and administrative expertise for small associations, membership groups, and businesses. They also provide support and consultation to volunteer programs and organizations. Leipper Management Group promotes a humanistic approach to information and technology. Its mission is to enable and facilitate the human potential to produce the goods and services that improve the quality of life. The Leipper Management Group distributes a free "Dear Association Leader" e-mail briefing.