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Tom McIlroy

McIlroy works as a part of the Ampersand Network (, a student-run not-for-profit based in Melbourne that strives to increase the number of university students who volunteer their time and talents.  Ampersand Network is a one-stop shop for students seeking skills development, networking opportunities and the chance to engage their passions through volunteer work.  The organization promotes the three A's of volunteering: awareness, appeal and accessibility.

The organisation’s  Web site,, is its main product, but the group also sponsors social nights, volunteering information sessions, popular 'Night to Lose Your V' events and fund raisers such as the Ampersand Walk.

McIlroy is 22-years-old, a Generation Y volunteer and a recent graduate of the University of Melbourne with a degree in politics. He is about to commence a Graduate Diploma in journalism and works part time for a network of Independent Catholic schools training student leaders, developing social justice and facilitating retreats and other events.

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