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Sheila McPherson

From 1988 until February this year, McPherson was employed by the British Red Cross and based in Glasgow. She has worked in various management roles over the years. Her last position was Volunteering Development Manager, Scotland, Northern Ireland & Isle of Man. In this role, McPherson was the internal consultant and specialist adviser to the UK Director, HR Manager and Operation Directors/Income Generation Managers (Fundraising, Retail and Commercial training), particularly in relation to business planning, the implications for volunteering and the implementation of the delivery of the BRC Volunteering Strategy and the Scottish Executive Volunteering Strategy. This included things like legislative, policy and procedural issues.

McPherson was a member of the Scottish Association for Volunteer Management for five years, latterly as Vice-Chair. Her various roles on the Executive Committee involved HR, Training and Development issues. Currently, McPherson is a trustee with the Miscarriage Association (Vice-Chair). She has been involved with this organisation as a member and volunteer for about 25 years.

McPherson says she has “a passion and commitment” for volunteering that involves representing various organisations at conferences locally, nationally and internationally, mostly with a focus on good practice, quality standards and “Dealing with Difficult Situations.” Since her redundancy in February, she has taken sometime out. She says she is now “trying to decide what I really would like to do next and my redundancy package has given me this opportunity.”

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