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Lucas Meijs

Lucas C.P.M. Meijs graduated in 1991 at the Faculty of Business Administration/ Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands . He joined the doctorate program in general management at the same institute. In 1997 he defended his PhD dissertation: "Management of Volunteer Organizations". He is Assistant Professor in the Department of Business-Society Management at the Faculty of Business Administration, Erasmus University , Rotterdam . He teaches nonprofit management and business-nonprofit partnerships. He has published articles on issues relating to volunteer management, nonprofit management, how to support/promote volunteering and volunteer organizations, and the relationship between business and nonprofit. He writes a column in Vakwerk , the Dutch magazine for volunteering. He is a member of the Dutch National Policy Committee on local volunteer policy, aimed at getting local municipalities to create policies to support volunteerism. He is member of several advisory boards, such as Scouting Netherlands and X-zorg (a national volunteer care organization). He is chair of the local neighborhood association and board member of the alumni association of the Rotterdam School of Management.

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