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Linda Miller

Linda Miller, the President of Intern Programs, Inc. in Cleveland, OH, comes from an eclectic background ranging from managing volunteer programs for non-profit agencies to designing and delivering corporate training programs. A Registered Corporate Coach, Miller is also a certified administrator of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and is certified from Langevin Training Services, recognized for their excellence in developing professional performance management consultants.

Miller led a team that developed an award-winning intern program recognized by the Northeast Ohio Council for Higher Education (NOCHE). Intern Programs, Inc. was born out of Miller’s desire to help employers plan and implement customized intern programs that produce positive outcomes for both the employer and the intern.

Understanding how challenging it can be to get an intern program off the ground, Miller designed two workshops designed for professionals interested in starting or enhancing an existing intern program. In addition to designing workshops that help develop and nurture the employer side of the intern program, the interns themselves can benefit from Intern Huddles® , developmental modules that address areas such as professionalism, interviewing skills and networking. Miller also provides consultation services to employers who are just beginning to consider an intern program or want to enhance an existing one.

For more information, contact Miller at 440-339-7119 or