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Diane Morgan

Diane has more than 30 years' experience working with volunteers as a manager, trainer, counsellor and volunteer herself. She has a social welfare background and received a graduate diploma in Human Service Management from the Queensland University of Technology in 1992.

For four years, Diane worked in London, where she developed volunteer training programs for the Samaritans and worked as a Director of a local branch. The Samaritans is a voluntary organisation, providing counselling and support for people in crisis. In Australia, Diane has been a trainer and volunteer with organisations such as Lifeline, Marriage Guidance, Neighbourhood Centres and Community Health. She has been involved in the development of standards and accredited training courses for Volunteer Managers through Volunteering Australia, the National Peak body for State and Territory Volunteer Centres.

Diane has taken leadership roles in a variety of national and international volunteer associations. She is a Director of the International Association for Volunteer Effort. This role includes promoting volunteering in the Pacific/Asia region. She was the inaugural President of the Australian Association for Volunteering from 1990 to 1992 and the Vice President of the National Association for Volunteer Referral Agencies (NAVRA) from 1989 to 1992. These two bodies have amalgamated to form Volunteering Australia, and Diane is the Queensland Director on the Volunteering Australia Board. Diane has been the Executive Director of the Volunteering Queensland since 1987 and is actively involved in developing international, national and state policy standards and strategies for the volunteer movement.

Diane has devoted her life to volunteering and is totally committed to the development of structures that enhance voluntary activities benefiting the community. Diane has been a guest speaker at numerous international and national conferences as well as writing and facilitating training courses for all sectors of the community. She conducts training courses throughout Queensland on a regular basis.

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