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Paul C. Muller

Paul C. Muller has over 20 years of experience managing and advising diverse corporations in Europe, Asia, and Australia on issues relating to strategy, risk, projects, operations, marketing, and people.

Currently with the Institute of Project Management in Sydney, Australia, Muller’s expertise is in challenging organisational assumptions and improving the quality of executive decision making. Muller credits his success to working hands-on at every level of enterprise. This has served him well in his transition to an academic career, giving him a far more practical focus than many of his institutionalised colleagues.

A published author and life-long learner, Muller has post-graduate degrees in International Sports Management and Law, as well as esteemed membership in several professional associations.

With a continuing interest in exploiting new media to dynamically connect management theory, best-practice and the unique circumstances of individual projects, Muller is a highly sought after presenter, regularly speaking to audiences around the world.