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Kate Power

Kate Power is the National Volunteer Coordinator for Scope (, the charity for people with cerebral palsy (formerly the Spastics Society) based in the UK . She is also an active member of the National Network of Volunteer Involving Agencies, through which she is lobbying government on access to volunteering opportunities for disabled people. Currently, Kate is leading a project to research and re-launch all of Scope’s work with volunteers, with a particular focus on ensuring that Scope’s volunteering opportunities are accessible to all and, until recently, has been running a London-based volunteering project for Scope. While this project was set up to specifically meet the needs of adults with cerebral palsy, Kate was able to encourage people with other disabilities to join the project as volunteers. She has previously worked at WaterAid (an international development charity in UK) and Oxfam, as well as being an active volunteer herself in groups as diverse as Sustrans, the Peru Support Group, the Campaign against Arms Trade, People & Planet, Drop The Debt, the Troops Out Movement, Oxfam, as well as various archaeological digs and a kibbutz!

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