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Karen Schlieper

Karen Schlieper has worked for 27 years with the The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in New South Wales, Austrialia (RSPCA NSW) in a number of different roles. For the last several years, she has always worked with the oranization’s program called Pets of Older Persons or POOPs

Schlieper has four dogs and three cats, and also provides foster care for additional animals in her home.  She loves working with animals and particularly appreciates the unique human/animal bond.  Through her work with the POOPs program, she notes that it is  “extremely rewarding to know that you have helped both the animal and the owner to improve their quality of life by providing services like those of POOPs. One of the great benefits of the POOPs program is the personal relations that are formed, amongst some of my favourite people and dear friends.”