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Tim Suda, CVA


Tim Suda is an experienced leader of volunteers whose niche is empowering leadership volunteers who support their own teams of volunteers. He has a passion for volunteerism and bringing volunteer engagement professionals together. Suda is the Vice President for the Georgia Association for Volunteer Administration (GAVA) where he supports efforts for professional development, networking, industry updates and information. He additionally works for the American Red Cross and focuses on the engagement, empowerment and support of more than 3,500 volunteers across Georgia, USA, including through responding to disasters across the nation.

Suda was a 2021 Association of Leaders in Volunteer Engagement (AL!VE) Impact Award recipient for the Emerging Leader Award. Prior to working in the Volunteer Engagement field, Suda had a 12-year career in Information Technology (IT). He regularly uses his technology skills in supporting both volunteers and Leaders of Volunteers to streamline processes, empower volunteers and make life easier for everyone around. When he is not working or volunteering, Suda can be found in his amateur wood shop.