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Sari Tervonen

Sari Tervonen grew up in the countryside of Finland. In addition to Finnish, she speaks Swedish, German, English and some French. She studied at the University of Turku in South Finland and has a Masters Degree in Science of Education. After her graduation she worked as the regional secretary of the Finnish Multiple Sclerosis Society. From 1996-1999, she worked with the Finnish Federal and Health, an umbrella organization for Finnish Social and Health Care NGO's. In June of 1999, she became the Head of Development for the Alzheimer Society of Finland. She is currently responsible for a project designed to clarify the effect and meaning of the projects of the member organizations. Sari lives with her partner in Helsinki, Finland. Her work requires her to travel a great deal around her beautiful country. When she is not working, she relaxes by fishing, boating, skiing and enjoying movies.

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