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Susanne Brunhart Wiggins

Susanne Brunhart Wiggins entered the volunteer management field in 1992, moving from volunteer to Program Assistant in her county government’s Master Recycler/Composter Program. The unexpected departure of the Program Manager a few months later provided her “baptism by fire” into the finer points of leading, maintaining, and expanding a successful volunteer program, which earned a National Association of Counties “Acts of Caring” award in 2001.

Susanne currently serves on the Trustee Committee of her local association of volunteer administrators in suburban Maryland. Prior to that, she served on the association’s Board of Directors for a number of years, including a term as President. One of her current priorities is creating networking and information exchange opportunities for volunteer managers in her area. For more information about the association’s activities, see:

Susanne continues to work for local government, where her responsibilities have morphed from managing volunteers into shepherding pixels and bytes and the written word on her division’s Web site and in communications with customers. She maintains an active volunteer schedule, often assisted by her nearly-three-year-old son.