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International VPM Job Exchanges, Part 1

International VPM Job Exchanges, Part 1

e-Volunteerism is always on the lookout for new innovative programs, practices and initiatives to share with our readers. When we learnt recently of two international work exchanges among volunteer management practitioners, we were quick to speak to those involved.

In this issue we will take a look at a work exchange that took pace between two volunteer program managers from Canada and Australia. In our next issue will feature a new exchange program established between the USA and the United Kingdom.

How did the work exchange come about?

Photo of RosieRosie Williams (Australia)
I initiated the work exchange for a number of reasons. I wanted to have an adventure, to think and live outside the square I live in, to challenge myself and to gain new knowledge and skills. I considered a range of options to achieve this end and finally decided that a work exchange would give me a range of opportunities while minimising my risks considerably.

Photo of JudiJudi Reed (Canada)
I responded to Rosie Williams' invitation after seeing her advertisement for an exchange partner on the Energize web site in September 1999. I was seeking education, but of an informal and experiential nature. The opportunity to work in another English speaking country and use my volunteer management skills seemed like a chance to learn, share, and grow.

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Tue, 10/16/2001
To Judi and Rosie - congratulations on such a personal and fascinating response to the questions. It is a very brave person indeed who travels alone, let alone settles in a strange place - I know, have been there myself. So well done and thank you both for providing us with so much info.